A good start is always important.  Perhaps it's the first time that your two families meet or perhaps you all know each other already and are catching up since last time.  Perhaps you're having a business dinner and you want to give your guests a moment to relax and settle in before you start.  In any case, a refreshing welcome drink and a delicious snack are what you want.

Welcome Bubbles

  • Chandon Garden Spritz.
  • Schwedhelm, Traubensecco non-alcoholic.

Glass: 75 DKK.

Welcome Buffet

  • Enjoy an hour with both of the above ad libitum;

Per person: 249 DKK.

Homemade Appetizers

  • Cucumber with smoked cheese cream and trout roe.
  • Crispy rye bread chips with fresh cheese.
  • Bresaola bag full of fresh cheese.
  • Grissini with serrano ham.
  • Variety of delicious olives.
  • Smoked salmon on bread with dill.
  • Parmesan biscuits.
  • Olive snails.

Per person:
Choice of two: 75 DKK.
Choice of three: 100 DKK.
Choice of four: 125 DKK.

+25 DKK per additional appetizer.

Welcome Christian Ewertsen