If you fancy a late night snack after the party, then of course we do that too.  Please note that the late night snack must be ordered for all the guests of the party.


  • Warm bread and red sausages
    Served as "DIY" hot dogs at the buffet. Served with mustard, ketchup, homemade remoulade, raw onions, homemade roasted onions and our home-pickled cucumber salad.

Salted Buffet

  • Arrangement
    Spicy pate with roasted onions, sausage, ham , spiced sausage, pickled red onions, homemade remoulade sauce, mayonnaise, broth and sour, freshly baked rye bread and butter.


• Choose between;

  • Onion Soup
    Our delicious homemade onion soup with warm bread and butter.
  • Potato Leek Soup
    With splashes of parsley oil with delicious crispy bacon, warm bread and butter.

Per person: 125 DKK.
Must be ordered for the whole party.

Late Night Snack Christian Ewertsen