The classic lunch can be enjoyed by just a few as well as the large crowd.  We offer a varied Classic Lunch based on fresh ingredients all of which are sourced both on land, at sea and in the air.

Classic Lunch

  • 3 kinds of herring.
  • Warm plaice fillet with shrimp and asparagus.
  • Cold-smoked salmon with horseradish cream.
  • Shrimp with mayonnaise.
  • Homemade chicken salad.
  • Warm liver pate with roasted mushrooms and bacon.
  • Homemade Meatballs with Red Cabbage and sour.
  • Warm roast pork with red cabbage and sour.
  • Roast beef with pickles, horseradish, cucumber salad and roasted onions.
  • Cheese dish with 3 different cheeses.
  • Rye bread, light bread and homemade crispbread.

Per person: 325 DKK.

Beverages for Lunch

  • Soda

Bottle: 30 DKK.

  • Tuborg / Classic Beer

Bottle: DKK 31.

  • Grimbergen Beer

Bottle: 49 DKK.

  • House Wine

Glass: 69 DKK.
1/1 Bottle: 269 DKK.

  • Snaps

Glass of 3cl: 50 DKK.
1/2 Bottle: 399 DKK.
1/1 Bottle: 599 DKK.

Classic Lunch Christian Ewertsen