We create the right atmosphere for the event with a pleasant setting, white tablecloths, candles and well-apportioned treats in quiet and cozy surroundings, all served by professional staff.  We recognise that it can be difficult to predict the exact number of participants, however we price the arrangement on a minimum number of attendees.  If there are more people attending than predicted the total number must be paid for.

Served at the table on dishes

  • 2 buttered homemade buns.
  • Freshly baked rye bread.
  • 2 kinds of cold cuts according to your wishes.
  • Delicious Danbo 45+ Cheese.
  • Baked pretzel.
  • Coffee / Tea.

Per person: 149 DKK.

The price includes: premises, table setting with white tablecloth, napkins, ice water, candles and service.


  • Soda

Bottle: 30 DKK.

  • Juice

Bottle: 40 DKK.

  • Tuborg / Classic Beer

Bottle: DKK 31.

  • Grimbergen Beer

Bottle: 49 DKK.

  • House Wine

Glass: 69 DKK.
Bottle: 229 DKK.

Funeral Arrangement Christian Ewertsen