Events & Happenings

Godstedlund EventsAt Godstedlund we can host a wide variety of events, ranging from baptisms, weddings and confirmations to birthday parties, family reunions and saying a last goodbye with a funeral feast.

All of our event types can be held in the studio which offers seating for up to 80 people or in our salon which can seat up to 40 people. Additionally, we also have a lounging area and outdoor terraces, allowing our guests to spread out and relax during any event.

Overnight accommodation is of course also possible in connection with anyevent. Godstedlund can accommodate for up to 17 overnight guests and for events where additional accommodation is needed we have standing arrangements with nearby guest houses to offer extra rooms.


Further to the above, and arranged by us, we also offer various other events throughout the year. See below what is on the board so far for 2019.

St. Martin's Evening (Mortens Aften)

  • Date : November 10, 2019
  • Time : 18.00 - 23.00

  • Appetizer :
    • Godstedlund's signature drink Bispensø, made from local apples, served with homemade salted almonds.
  • Mains :
    • Juicy and tender delicious duck roast served with with potatoes browned in sugar, boiled potatoes, homemade red cabbage and delicious duck roast sauce.
  • Dessert :
    • Mrs Bruun's apple crumble.

  • DKK : 399,- (per person)