Godstedvej 18
4894 Øster Ulslev
Lolland-Falster, Denmark


Gevir Champagne Bar is the only champagne bar south of Copenhagen and north of Hamburg / Berlin.  We have a nice selection of the best and most well-known brands and serve them as both single glass and whole bottles.  On certain days we hold our Möet Afternoon Tea sessions with delicious patisserie along with coffee, tea and a glass of Möet & Chandon.

Champagne Bar

We have an exclusive selection of champagnes from Möet Hennesey, some served by the glass others as whole bottles and of course we carry the Magnum size too.  Check our Champagne Menu to see which champagnes we have in stock as well as which champagne cocktails we serve.

Champagne Menu

In our Champagne Menu you can see which champagnes we carry and pricing for glasses and whole bottles, respectively.